Mr Jone Feresi

Deputy Project Manager

Working with UNDP since 2017, Jone Feresi is TCAP’s Deputy Project Manager with over 20 years experience working in the agriculture, mining, petroleum, electricity, and water sectors in Fiji.

Jone has a BSc degree from the University of the South Pacific; a Postgraduate Certificate in Climate Change - Vulnerability & Adaptation from Waikato University; and a Masters in Water & Environment Resource Management from IHE Delft in the Netherlands.

Tuvalu Project
Ms Timaima Qeranatabua

Procurement Associate

Timaima Qeranatabua is TCAP’s Procurement Associate with nearly 20 years of experience working in the procurement sector at USP and UNDP. She has worked with UNDP since 2014, carrying out procurement-related duties.

Timaima has a Certificate in Business Accounting from TPAF, Fiji, a Train the Trainer Certificate as well as Project Management Certificate from the University of the South Pacific.

Tuvalu Project
Dr Arthur Webb 

Chief Technical Advisor

Holding over 30 years experience working in the Pacific Islands, Arthur has worked in over 14 Pacific Island Countries in urban and remote rural communities and locations. He specialises in island shoreline processes, coastal management and marine hazards mitigation and has specialist expertise in atoll environments and coastal resilience.

Arthur has a strong background in climate change science and was a Lead Author in the Small Islands Chapter of the 2014 IPCC Assessment. Arthur joined TCAP as the Chief Technical Advisor in November 2017.


Tuvalu Project
Ms Puanita Ewekia

Communications Officer

Puanita is the Communications Officer for TCAP and joins the team in 2019. She has worked in project management for 10 years, most recently with the Falekaupule Trust Fund and also the Tuvalu Association of Non-Government Organisations (TANGO).

Currently pursuing post-graduate studies in Climate Change Adaptation with the University of the South Pacific, Puanita has been a school teacher for the early part of her career.

Tuvalu Project
Ms Pine Andy Tonga 

Admin & Finance Assistant

Pine Andy-Tonga is TCAP’s Administration & Finance Assistant with over six months experience working in solid waste agency. She has worked with UNDP since September 2017.

Pine has a degree in Agriculture from the University of the South Pacific. 

Tuvalu Project
Mr Mike Ravono

Finance Associate

Mike Ravono is TCAP’s Finance Associate with over 10 years of financial management experience across a broad array of industries.

He is a qualified Chartered Accountant having worked in one of the big four Chartered Accountant firms before he joined UNDP in 2014. He completed his Post Graduate Degree in Accounting from the University of the South Pacific and also has a Master Class Accreditation in Investment Risk Governance.

Tuvalu Project